I find zen in marketing plans, so you don't have to.


Jacqueline Kowalik, "A Jackie of all trades"

I started this business because I know how overwhelming the tasks of finding your ideal client can feel. I spent years in the corporate world helping to refine systems, streamline marketing efforts and manage the never ending tasks of contracts and organization. In the corporate world we had teams of people to do this but what about for a small business owner? I started out by helping my friends organize marketing and operations on a part time scale. What I found over and over again was that my skill set freed them up to dream and get creative with the business again. The running joke has always been that I find zen in spreadsheets, but I actually do! I love to set up marketing systems and work flows so you can be freed up to dream again. Lets schedule a time to chat and see if I can help take you from "I'm so busy I don't even know what I need help with"  to "I'm taking a 4 day work week because I finally have time to brain storm and grow". Schedule your first complimentary call at the link below :)


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