Resources I love

One of the questions I am asked most often is "what kind of system do you use in your business?"

I've spent a lot of time trying out the systems below and use these in my business. If you have questions about a resource that isn't listed, send me a message at and I'm happy to chat with you. 

Some of these links below are affiliate links and I may receive financial reimbursement. If you prefer to skip that just head to google and find the main website. No matter if you use these links or not I find all of them the best of the best. 

Freshbooks- Bookkeeping and Invoicing

I love using Freshbooks. I was a long time  user of quickbooks and I still use it almost everyday for my clients but for my personal invoicing and expense tracking I really love the layout of Freshbooks. If you find quickbooks to be more than you need. Check out freshbooks by clicking the banner or text below! 

Create your Web Presence

Namecheap- DOMAINS and web hosting

Looking for a place to host your website site? Need a domain name? I find that namecheap has some of the best rates in the industry when it comes to both of those items. They also offer lots of other internet security features. 

Share a Sale- Affiliate marketing sign up platfrom

Most businesses I work with have a blog, email list or social media presence.  Most businesses also use the same programs for thier businesses that they mention is those places. Share a sale is a platform that allows you to sign up for affiliate links for all sorts of business needs. This can be a useful way for bloggers and business owners to earn extra income just by talking about what they love.